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Kooperation mit Griechenland
Cooperation with Greece

Kooperation mit Athen geht weiter!

Wir sind Dr. Smaroula Pandelis vom Hellenic Institute of Communication and Human Relations sehr dankbar für die Organisation des Workshops (Juni 2008) vor Ort. Die Zusammenarbeit mit ihr und der offenen, beherzten griechischen Gruppe war ein grosses Vergnügen. Ebenfalls bedanken wir uns bei Stefanos Kantounis, der es uns ermöglichte, in einer wundervollen Atmosphäre zu arbeiten in seinem Haus am saronischen Meer.

Die Kooperation mit Dr. Smaroula Pandelis und Stefanos Kantounis geht weiter und wird intensiviert. In unserer weiteren Zusammenarbeit werden wir Psychodrama und Aufstellungs- arbeit miteinander verbinden und in einem interkulturellen Rahmen anbieten.

Cooperation with Athens will continue!

We are very thankful to Dr. Smaroula Pandelis from the Hellenic Institute of Communication and Human Relations for her organization of the workshop in Athens (June 2008). It was a great pleasure to work together with her and the open-minded and open-hearted greek group. Also we thank our host Stefanos Kantounis who enabled us to work in a wonderful atmosphere in his house near to the saronian sea.

Our cooperation with Dr. Smaroula Pandelis and Stefanos Kantounis will be continued and intensified. In the further co-work we shall combine psychodrama with constellation-work in an intercultural frame.

Systemic Constellation Work

What does 'systemic' mean?

In our lives we all are involved in different 'systems': in a family-system, a professional-system, a system of friends, a university-system, etc. Difficult situations seldom occur separately - mostly they come up in relation to another matter or person in a system. With a 'systemic' view we are able to recognize our main issues very fast.

Systemic Approach: Constellation Work

Constellation work as a systemic approach provides us with the possibility to see a problem from different perspectives. With constellation work we are able to visualise different systems in space by focussing on the relationships between the members of a system or even on the relationship between systems. The protagonist - the problem-owner - chooses representatives of the group and places them in the space intuitively. In this way he creates an outside perspective of his inner pictures.

Representative Perception

During the process-oriented work in the constellation the chosen representatives dispose themselves to the protagonists subject without own intentions. Generally the representatives do not have detailed information about the protagonists question. In the constellation the representativess perceive physically how it feels to be in a particular place in the system. Feelings like: heat, cold,pain, laughter, indifference, etc.can occur.

Constellation Work as systemic Intervention

Working without knowing the whole story of a protagonist and inspite of this receiving coherent comments from the representatives in a particular constellation is a fascinating phenomena not yet scientifically described in the literature of constellation work. Although it is not yet declared how this phenomena works exactly the experience shows that the effects of consellation work can be very intensive systemic interventions.

About Differences

There is a range of various constellation-formates. Mostely constellation-work is focussed on differences of the represented perceptions evoked by changes in the environment during the work-process. It is checked by the constellator whether these changes lead into an improvement or deterioration in some aspect of the system, or if there is simply a more neutral difference.

How I do work

I work with the look on your entire life-situation. It is important to me to leave you in your self-responsibility and to strengthen your own power. My work supports you to be able to articulate targets, to take self-responsibility, mobilise inner resources and to prepare the next active step in your life.